EFT improves self esteem, 0 to 60 in two years.

26 Mar 2017 11:20 PM | Osnat Shube

Over the 50+ years of my life, most of the time my sense of self esteem was between low self esteem and no self esteem and many times when I related to it as on a ruler, it was in the minus.

So I had a very pleasant surprise, last Wednesday, at our wonderful ‘tapping for life changes’ group that Robin has been leading so beautifully each month for most of the last year or so.

This group’s theme was self esteem. When Robin asked us at the beginning to imagine a scale and let our inner self come up with a number for our self esteem, I was quite surprised to get the number 68%.

It was so far from what I would have expected, that I wanted help verifying it.  I asked her to check it for me, the number she got was 60%.

Wow, 50 years of 0 and within two years of tapping (lots of tapping, I agree, but wow so effective), so much healing took place to bring up a sense of self esteem to 60%+.

It reminded me of cars trade mark for quality - 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.

I love EFT, it changed the quality of my life so much for the better, in so many ways, 0 to 60 in 2 years. 


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