EFT eased a big life change

04 Mar 2017 8:31 PM | Robin Friedman

EFT eased a big life change for me

I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast of the USA, leaving behind the home that we lovingly lived in, renovated, had a home-based business in, and raised our children in, for 23 years. There were definite ups and downs - we had to do lots of physical clearing out, donating unwanted items, repairing and updating the home, staging it for selling - on and on - it was a huge process. 

Tapping throughout this process made it go amazingly smoothly. Instead of holding on, I could let go. I was able to honor the life I had in my old home and know that it was part of me, not just part of the physical home I was leaving. Without tapping, I could see being scared or intimidated by this much newness in my new home. 

With the help of of EFT, now I am free and happy, living in a new place, feeling very unburdened and full of new life possibilities. I have also used this experience in my tapping work with clients, my volunteer work with seniors leaving their homes, and in a wonderful Tapping For Life Changes group here in the Guild. We all go through changes in life, and tapping helps ease the stress of change, and paves a peaceful path forward.


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