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  • 26 Apr 2019 11:37 AM | Nancy Lundy

    In addition to my EFT and coaching practice, I work in a private Catholic high school in my neighborhood.  It is my dream and passion, to share the gift of tapping with those high schoolers.  I've had a few opportunities to share EFT by getting into a few classrooms teaching EFT to the students, or if a student comes into the main office where I work having an anxiety attack, I have permission from the administration to sit with the student to get them some relief from their anxiety.  Another place I've shared EFT is with students preparing for the SAT (college entrance tests in the US).  A few have reported that they felt less anxious the day of the exam.

    One story I'd like to share is back in September I worked with a class of freshmen English honor students teaching them  basics EFT.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet this same group proctoring their Global history test.  Unfortunately, right before the exam, all 9th graders were called to the cafeteria to be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria and before school gatherings.  

    Fantastic!  Now these students need to take a test right after being spoken to by the administration for their bad behavior.  Once back in the classroom and forgetting that I've worked with these kids back in September teaching them EFT, I was just going to do some deep breathing exercises with them to ground them after their meeting in the cafeteria.  Nope, that wasn't what they wanted.  A student yells out from the back of the room.  Ms. Lundy can we tap!  I'm sorry what?  Did you just ask if we can tap?  Yes, my friends, we sure can!! 

    And tapping we sure did.  We tapped on maybe they were the one to cause the meeting and now everyone is in trouble.  We tapped on how come I didn't do anything wrong and I got in trouble.  We did a round of tapping on great, we just got in trouble and now we have to take a Global exam.  One more round of even though we all got in trouble and now we have to take a text, we're okay. 

    I'm not exactly sure if this helped increase their test score as I didn't grade the exam, but to me the success was not in test score, it was the student asking to tap and understanding the purpose and value of tapping.

    Kudos to the young man who called out for tapping.

    Nancy (aka Ms. Lundy) 

  • 01 Mar 2018 11:47 AM | Deborah Sampson

    I am moved by how resourceful so many people are in this fabulous community of ours. How many unseen talents there are among us. How many of you know of Peta Gelder and her psychic tapping? Probably most of us. But how many realised that she is also a really down-to-earth sensible solution finding sort of person using whacky psychic gifts with Yorkshire common sense. If you need guidance in your business don't wait to contact her! 

  • 10 Aug 2017 12:52 AM | Lorna Minewiser

    This past weekend we were at the Disneyland park in southern California.  One of the rides that everyone wanted to go on was the Cars ride- modeled from the Cars movie.  My son, Cora's father was concerned that 5 year old Cora would be too afraid and someone would have to miss the ride so he asked if I could tap for her.  Of course!  I told her that I needed some help.  I said I was a little nervous about the 'fast cars' and would she help me tap. She said Of course Grandma.  So she tapped with me on Even tho I'm a little scared I am brave and strong and happy.  We tapped through one round, she said "Are you OK now?" I said yes and I asked her if she was and she looked at me with surprise and said "Of course!"  And we were. We did it and she wanted to go again, but the line was too long.  

  • 09 May 2017 5:20 PM | Deborah Sampson

    It's really difficult to put into words all EFT is for me. Before EFT and after many years of healing myself from past traumatic events as well as others, it seemed as good as it could get. A sort of plateau was reached of acceptation. At least for me. Then I wanted more for my clients - I felt frequently they were being held back by family emotional inheritance. EFT came knocking at my door. Now after adding EFT to my tool box there is no going back! It is like opening the door to life and to light.

  • 08 May 2017 12:46 PM | Pamela Shakargi

    Even tho i have been using eft on myself, friends and family for some years now, i am amazed at the different methods and ways for using eft that appear both on the guild emails and the gulid site itself.

    The daisy chains have been invaluable , i have learnt so much from being "a client '' and have someone work on me. Learning to work on skype and on the phone has greatly improved my tech skills. I found Gwyneth's videos so professional and a wonderful learning method.  Heathers silent tapping is a must, so relaxing and when time permitts i will be joining other support groups..i feel blessed that i found the guild and its safe and loving enviroment..best wishes Pamela


  • 26 Mar 2017 11:20 PM | Osnat Shube

    Over the 50+ years of my life, most of the time my sense of self esteem was between low self esteem and no self esteem and many times when I related to it as on a ruler, it was in the minus.

    So I had a very pleasant surprise, last Wednesday, at our wonderful ‘tapping for life changes’ group that Robin has been leading so beautifully each month for most of the last year or so.

    This group’s theme was self esteem. When Robin asked us at the beginning to imagine a scale and let our inner self come up with a number for our self esteem, I was quite surprised to get the number 68%.

    It was so far from what I would have expected, that I wanted help verifying it.  I asked her to check it for me, the number she got was 60%.

    Wow, 50 years of 0 and within two years of tapping (lots of tapping, I agree, but wow so effective), so much healing took place to bring up a sense of self esteem to 60%+.

    It reminded me of cars trade mark for quality - 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.

    I love EFT, it changed the quality of my life so much for the better, in so many ways, 0 to 60 in 2 years. 

  • 04 Mar 2017 8:31 PM | Robin Friedman

    EFT eased a big life change for me

    I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast of the USA, leaving behind the home that we lovingly lived in, renovated, had a home-based business in, and raised our children in, for 23 years. There were definite ups and downs - we had to do lots of physical clearing out, donating unwanted items, repairing and updating the home, staging it for selling - on and on - it was a huge process. 

    Tapping throughout this process made it go amazingly smoothly. Instead of holding on, I could let go. I was able to honor the life I had in my old home and know that it was part of me, not just part of the physical home I was leaving. Without tapping, I could see being scared or intimidated by this much newness in my new home. 

    With the help of of EFT, now I am free and happy, living in a new place, feeling very unburdened and full of new life possibilities. I have also used this experience in my tapping work with clients, my volunteer work with seniors leaving their homes, and in a wonderful Tapping For Life Changes group here in the Guild. We all go through changes in life, and tapping helps ease the stress of change, and paves a peaceful path forward.

  • 23 Feb 2017 8:18 PM | Ruthi Cohen-Joyner

    As a newbie here, I'm a little nervous to share but here goes. 

    Before I found EFT in 2009, I'd have to say that I lived a life of being my daughters' Mom (yes, I'm in the US so that's Mom, not Mum :)), my husband's wife, Girl Scout leader, etc.... I had lost ME. It took awhile and my life is far from perfect, but I feel like a Person again. After becoming an EFT Practitioner in 2012 and serving others with this life changing little modality, there was a day that I cried in the shower. I cried out of Gratitude! I cried out of Joy! I am so, so thankful for all this healing. I'm grateful that I am now putting myself out there and how my life has changed in so many ways. I truly believe it's really when a client reports how her life has changed from our work, that I feel the most blessed and thankful.  I'm also grateful to be here now and to share, learn and grow with all of you. Blessings!

  • 07 Feb 2017 1:24 PM | Heather Carter (Administrator)

    I believe that my life’s purpose is just to be here - for myself and others.

    It sounds so simple and yet it has taken the best part of a lifetime to learn to live in the moment, to live a life of gratitude and joy, to let go of fear, stress, blame, anger, rock bottom self-esteem, crippling shyness and the thought that I am not worthy and will never be good enough.

    I have moved steadily from a driven, workaholic, self-flagellating procrastinator and failed perfectionist with a poverty mentality to someone who was described, just the other day, as 'living my life by the scenic route.' Yes!

    For most of my life I have searched for meaning and methods of transformation and that search has taught me so much about the power of the language we use so unthinkingly to create our reality. I lived for years, as so many of us do, with a commentary of negative self-talk running in my brain, like a computer program in the background just beyond conscious awareness. My search for anti-virus software eventually brought me to the study of Emotional Freedom Technique and the rest is history. 

    Above all, I love working one-to-one with my clients, giving them the tools for personal growth and the understanding that they don’t need to be fixed, they simply need to hear, trust and accept themselves at a heart level. To witness the change that emerges from within when a person embraces their own power is a profound joy, and to have opened that door with them is the greatest of privileges. I love what I do - and EFT - with a passion that is more than a reward for the pain that took me there!

  • 03 Feb 2017 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    it can be very rewarding when we experience the positive results of EFT.  When others ask for our help to enable them to deal with  lifes' challenges. We have all had these experiences with EFT when problems appear to  dissipate, just by stating out loud an intention and tapping the points.                           

    Yet what happens when that person is someone you love, who is ill and unable to ask for your help?.

    I found myself one day feeling very sorry for myself and automatically started quietly tapping.  My husband was dozing opposite me in his chair.  We meet to watch a film together in the evening.  Except this film was one he had watched many times before.  We had watched it together only the previous day.  With his diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease this articulate, discerning and intelligent man had also developed dementia.         

    Unable to sustain tapping even if he had wanted to,  I sat tapping silently for my own  disappointment and for the greatest good of all those going through a similar challenge.                                                                            

    At first as he awoke he became very agitated watching me tap, but I quietly and gently replied I was silently tapping for anyone who needed it.  As I became calm and peaceful ( remember not ten minutes earlier I had wanted to scream out loud at my/our situation) he stopped shaking violently and watched me intently.  As I continued this silent tapping, just gently touching the points, he started to speak about his childhood.  When I tell you, before his illness he had never ever spoken with any emotion about his life.  Yet our shared joy of Architecture, Books, Films, Meditation and Real Ale ( not in that order)  were such that we had shared a happy life together.  Plus we had travelled to see family by train ( my passion) all over India and America for weeks at a time.  Now he was afraid to go outside.

    He then began to speak, quite lucidly about a huge issue that had arisen for him when his father had left to work in South Africa when he was seven years old.  The tears rolled down his face.  I was moved deeply, for he had never ever been an emotional person.  I took his hand and continued to tap on myself, amazed at what I was experiencing. 

    I would like to be able to report he never ever asked to watch that same film again.... not so.    Yet from that day he has been able to drink tea out of a cup.  Eat soup with a spoon and even more of a miracle .... walk to the end of the drive and back every single morning.... without having a panic attack!    For someone who had an uncontrollable tremor and who couldn't bear to eat in others company  this result felt massive. 

    It had happened just by quietly tapping.  And six weeks later he has not become worse.  Ok, he still has dementia, and I still feel sad occasionally,  but the benefits I borrowed from this experience made me even more aware of the power of EFT.  How tapping for myself and all others who might be experiencing a similar challenge, enabled change for both myself and my husband. 

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