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The EFT Gathering - Sunday 2nd October

Four fabulous international presenters share their experience and wisdom, Live tapping demonstrations. Scroll down to read more. Times are UK/EST converter for other timezones

2:30pm/9:30am - Welcome and Breakouts

3:00pm/10am - Jess Mor and Aga Kehinde - Ready for Anything

4:15pm/11:15am - Suzy Glaskie interviews Shoshana Schwartz - Addictive Behaviour

5:45pm/12:45pm - Jackie Viramontez - Netflix Tearless Trauma

7pm/2pm - Harry Pickens - EFT is Jazz!


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Jess and Aga - Ready for Anything

Crisis happens, it's happening everywhere. Would you be ready if crisis came to your community? You have a tool for trauma, you know it works, so you will have an urge to help. But should you, could you, and what might that look like? Are you ready for anything? How could you prepare to respond to a community crisis as an EFT practitioner? This year the humanitarian crisis initiated by Russia’s war came to both of our communities. Did we have the urge? Yes. Were we ready? No. And Yes. We’d like to talk to you about our experience of initiating and running an EFT crisis response for Ukrainians arriving in Poland. We’d love to share what we’ve learned so far, what we wish we’d known, and what we’d suggest to other practitioners so they can be ready for anything. 

Aga is a Specialist Oncology Nurse and EFT Practitioner working in the British National Health Service. At the outbreak of war her home town in Poland was inundated by people forced to leave their homes in Ukraine and seek shelter with strangers. Aga took leave of absence from the NHS to return to Poland and run these Tapping Team workshops. Jess is an EFT trainer and trauma specialist, she left Ukraine shortly before the invasion and presented at our April Gathering on their plans for this project.  Together they bring us an update.

Aga & Jess

Interview: Shoshana Schwartz - Addictions

Podcast host Suzy Glaskie interviews addictions specialist Shoshana Schwartz. Shoshana has developed a practice which brings the power of EFT to help those trapped in addictions. Can EFT cure addiction? What do all addictions have in common? What’s the difference between using and abusing? Is treating addiction different from treating other issues? Does EFT contradict or complement 12 step programs? What is codependency, and how might it show up in your client sessions?

With ten years’ experience working with addiction and codependency, Shoshana will answer these questions, debunk some myths, and highlight how EFT can be a valuable tool in addiction treatment. Shoshana encourages you to bring all your questions about codependency, behavioral addiction, and substance use.

Susy Glaskie is an EFT Practitioner and hosts the Wellness Unwrapped podcast which is packed with fascinating interviews with experts in integrative medicine. Listen to Suzy's interview with Gwyneth about EFT and Limiting Beliefs

Shoshana & Suzy

Jackie Viramontez - Netflix Tearless Trauma

What if your painful memory was on Netflix?  Jackie says: we can use the metaphor and imagery of a written or filmed memoir to help a client contextualise a traumatic event. We guide the client to place the event onto a page of their memoir or a scene in the Netflix episode of their life story . Since my practice started in Los Angeles where there are many actors so we birthed the imagery of one scene in a movie or a few lines of a script or memoir.  At first we don't clarify the details of the event, they just imagine that in their life's memior, there is a reference to this event.  "Even though I have this event written on page 98 of my life's memoir, right here and now I am okay" Or "Even though there is a difficult scene in episode 8 of series 3 that I would rather not watch I deeply and completely accept myself anyway" By helping a client contextualize their trauma into the greater context of their rich lives they reclaim their power. This moment is only one page in a book, or one scene in a film that has many beautiful moments.... and still more to be written!"

Jackie Viramontez

Harry Pickens - EFT is Jazz!

Jazz is not in the notes. EFT is not in the words. Jazz and EFT are in the energy that flows between us. Miracles can happen once we have learned the basics of our modality, the ‘rules' that we’ve been taught by others… like the musician learning the notes of a song perfectly… After that learning is complete there is an opening to become an instrument for the invisible essence of the music to flow through us: to improvise, to wing it, to flow with the energy between you. That is Jazz!  Just like in EFT, a phrase goes from one to the other, deepens and transforms. Harry's greatest passion is helping people to awaken to  their inner wisdom, to heal the pain of the past, and reclaim their power to create a life of joy, freedom, meaning and miracles. Harry is currently engaged in research exploring applications of music and sound to support emotional healing and spiritual transformation.

Harry composied Awakening Heart and played it for the Dalai Lama

Harry Pickens

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