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What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
EFT changed my life in such positive ways that it became impossible for me to keep such a secret to myself and not share it with other suffering souls. I began by teaching it and then using it in sessions with clients after that.
- - - - - -
The day in 2006 that I took a Level I EFT class, I didn't experience any shifts myself during the class. However, the demo subject, after numerous non-transformative rounds of tapping, finally hit on a phrase that resonated with her and when she tapped on it and it released, I could see the complete shift in the woman's body, mind and soul. It so impressed me that it sent me down this EFT/holistic healing modality rabbit's hole from whence I hope never to emerge. :D

I went home and bought all of Gary's DVDs and began to tap once in a while. I had some success with a few things but I didn't think to use it very often.

One night, almost 6 months after that EFT class, in the middle of an unhealthy relationship, I awoke with a "ball of twine" (anxiety) churning painfully in my chest. It was 2 am. My options were: call my mother (wake her up, freak her out), call a friend (wake her up, freak her out), I had no therapist, I knew it would take me at least a week to find one... I needed help in that moment. I thought, "I'll try that tapping, it can't hurt."

I tapped two, maybe three rounds and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I realized what I'd done... "I went back to sleep?!?!?! Impossible!" and yet I had. So the next thing I said to myself was, "Hallelujah, I am saved!!!" and I started tapping on anything and everything... and anyone who would sit still.

A few years before EFT, I had been in therapy for 4 years. I had made some progress but I still felt like the same person and most of my issues were still in place. With EFT, within 1 or two years of tapping on so many things, I felt like a completely different person. I simply didn't react to so many things any longer that used to upset me or make me anxious or leave me ruminating... it has just been so liberating.

In fact, in typical APEX syndrome style, these issues are SO gone from my psyche that it's even difficult for me to remember exactly what I've been liberated from.

I wish the same for any and all beings (human or otherwise) that are suffering, as so, so many are.
About my Practice:
I consider myself a type of companion that I call a "Healing Journey Co-Pilot". I hold the vision of my clients in their full potential and full value as a human being, that self they find it difficult to see because it's hiding under their life's criticisms and upsetting experiences.

I tend to work with other practitioners of holistic healing techniques and people who are open to spiritual concepts and realms. These clients are often women struggling with doubts and fears and who are stuck in old patterns of relationship and self-worth which are holding them back from living completely fulfilling lives and sometimes causing physical symptoms in their bodies. We work through the layers and chip the crust off the diamond until it shines.

I am known for my calming nature, my warmth and compassion, my sense of humour and my use of potty mouth to encourage clients to speak their truth.
Other therapies I use alongside EFT:
I like to mix in exploratory hypnosis, Reiki, parts work, Picture Tapping Technique, my intuition, laughter, some NLP tools and even simple discussion whenever the situation calls for it but my main tool is definitely EFT.
How I use EFT:
  • Self Help
  • Friends and Family
  • Volunteer for Charity or Agency
  • Private Practice EFT and other therapies
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