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EFT Helps set 10 dvds

EFT-Helps nine one hour complete cases for advanced EFT learning and borrowing benefits plus bonus interview disc.

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EFT Foundations set 4 dvds

EFT Training Companion Vol 1 Complete film of Gwyneth's two day Foundations course with exercises and workbook. Four discs.

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EFT Structure and Skills 4 dvds 

EFT Training Companion Vol 2 Gwyneth's two day Structure & Skills course follows on from Foundations.  Four discs.

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Excerpts from EFT Helps

Rosie - Regret for Lost Love

This clip shows how to use the EFT "sneaking up" technique which allows you to get in lots of tapping before a person even mentions what their issue is.  Rosie starts by saying that she has a BIG issue and its clear that she is so strongly effected by it that it would be distressing for her to tell the story.  So we do lots of tapping around and about the issue of the issue and eventually put it in a can and tap for the imagery of the can.  By the time Rosie gets to telling us what happened the whole issue is much less of an issue.  The session goes on to work through in detail the specific events that emerge.   One of Nine complete sessions in EFT Helps.

John - The Injustice of Neuralgia

John has been suffering from migraine and facial neuralgia.  In this one hour session we start tapping and questioning and up comes a memory of when he was beaten up by a bully on his way home from school aged 11.  Notice how we get to the details of the attack and several aspects to clear the energy of the trauma and as we do so John's symptoms clear.  We focus on the shock, the fear, the injustice and being alone and unprotected.  Two years since we tapped together John reports that he has not had any further pain.  The full one hour session is available as one of nine in EFT-Helps

Gillian - Too Much Tragedy

Its easy to see why this session was given that name.  The learning here is about how to tap with someone in intense, real and justifed distress.  I called Gillian to check that we had her permission to show this clip, she said: "I watched the dvd again with compassion but also a sense that I was watching someone else.  I remember what happened but those strong, intense painful feelings are just not there now.  Neither is the sense of overwhelming tragedy.  Sure it is a really sad story, but there are many of those stories around and my story is not who I am"  Read Gillian's full account. 

Sabina - Afraid to See Clearly

Sabina has problems reading and with her eyesight that have mystified the doctors who tell her that she has healthy eyes and there is no reason why her vision is clouded by "snow".  In this clip from the start of our session you see how I start tapping for her disbelief that EFT can help:  "Even though I doubt this will work and I'm afraid it won't...." From there we get to the purpose of the "snow" which is to protect her from what she might see,  or rather what she once saw.  The issue is very emotional and not something Sabina wants to share in a group situation so as the session continues we use EFT in a way which clears the emotion without her having to speak about the events she witnessed.

Roy - I'm Only 90% Me

In this session with Roy we use the Movie Technique for a pre verbal memory.  Roy had been very ill as a baby and was separated from his mother and put into foster care.   I ask him to make up a movie of the first few years of his life and he chooses to start it before his birth.  We start with tapping for the facts of the movie and then for his mistaken belief that "it was the baby's fault".  The full one hour session with Roy goes on to work through the movie step by step transforming Roy's limiting beliefs that arose in those early years. 

Penny - I Can't Keep Hold of Money

Penny says that money slips through her like a sieve.  So I ask her to sit in the sense of positive statements about money and up come the tail-enders and their source: Penny's mother's beliefs about money. I ask her to focus on her mother's voice and tap "Mother said you can't have it all," "you have to work real hard" "people like us don't"  I use emphasis to really get her into the sense of that to show her (and the audience) how significant a role those statements have made in Penny's (and our) life. The full one hour session with Penny and and eight more are available from 

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The EFT Helps set contains nine one hour complete EFT sessions for you to watch for advanced learning and borrowing benefits.  Plus a free bonus interview with Gwyneth where she talks about the nine sessions and the group. Stream the full sessions.


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