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Learn How to Help Others with EFT

EFT is for everybody and a fantastic addition to any people-helper's tool box. Tapping calms emotional distress, connects us to the roots of our issues, clears the after effects of shock and stress from the past and helps forward movement.

This is LIVE small group training, maximum eight people, for EFTi certification or to refresh and update. You learn practical skills and build confidence through demonstration, discussion and exercises. 

This page for EFT Level 1&2 leading to Practitioner Certification.  To find out about Advanced Certification see the Level 3 page: 

EFT Level Three 

Many effective EFT Practitioners credit their success to their training with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and to her inspiration and encouragement. Gwyneth has been refining and improving her EFT courses from a deep understanding of how people learn and how EFT works. She has taught alongside Gary Craig, as faculty at the Esalen Institute and for many years in Yorkshire.   Contact Gwyneth

Who is This For?

This training is for you if you want small group accredited training  with live, interactive attention from a recognised expert that takes account of your individual learning needs.  This is for you if:

  • you are a therapist, counsellor, coach or healthcare practitioner
  • your professional role is helping others in business, sports, education or performance 
  • you are open to possibilities, don't yet know where EFT will take you but are following an instinct to do this properly and are committed to the journey
  • you have done some EFT before and seek to revisit and refresh key concepts to gain a deeper confidence and work towards certification.

EFT is Everyone's Freedom Technique but not everyone wants to make the investment of time and money for a thorough training.  You will find cheaper pre-recorded trainings which make big promises with slick marketing. In our experience they do not deliver results and are not recognised by EFT International.

Gwyneth's EFT Online Training - Level One

Module One

Understanding what is happening when we tap. The history of tapping and meridian energy theory of EFT. Tapping with and without words

Module Two

Using words to direct the effect of tapping. Where the words come from. Understanding aspects and the importance of getting to the details. 

Module Three

Releasing the pain of a difficult memory. The  Movie Technique and Tell the Story. Basics of trauma theory and how memory imprints.

Module Four

Putting it all together. EFT for physical issues and EFT for compulsions and cravings. Detective work questions. Thorough testing. 

Gwyneth's EFT Online Training - Level Two

Module One

Review of Level One. Indirect techniques to handle intense experience or vague feelings.  Sneaking Up, using body sensations and metaphor. 

Module Two

Clearing the effects of limiting beliefs (False-Truths) with EFT and finding underlying events. Opening up possibility  to create a compelling future.

Module Three

Applications of EFT to different client groups and contexts. How to get unstuck and discussion of practice work and issues arising. Running an intro group.

Module Four

Group work with EFT and 'borrowing benefits'. EFT for Children. Surrogate EFT for Animals. Discussion of EFTi requirements for certification.

The EFT Certification Training and Mentoring Process

What Do I Need to Do?

To become an accredited EFT Practitioner you need to:
  1. Complete EFT Online Training Level One and Level Two
  2. Arrange for six (minimum) sessions of Certification Mentoring, individual or in pairs 
  3. Complete 50 practice sessions and write up four case studies 
  4. Join EFTi and take the EFTi online exam

Get in touch to discuss your training needs.

EFT Certification Mentoring

On completion of EFT training you need lots of practice to build skill and confidence using the EFT techniques. To help you get started and gain certification you follow on from the teaching sessions with mentoring (coaching) sessions to review and learn from your tapping practice.

Practitioner Mentoring  guide you through the steps to  EFTi Accredited Certified Practitioner  Mentoring makes all the difference. You can discuss your practice sessions, get your questions answered and review key concepts in a helpful, supportive group. 

Dates, Prices, Booking

What Will it Cost?

 There are separate fees for training, mentoring and memberships:

  1. EFT Level One Training - £240 
  2. EFT Level Two Training - £240
  3. A minimum of six Certification mentoring (coaching) hours, £40 for a one hour session in pairs. 
  4. EFTi fees: Student membership £25 exam fee £15 and Practitioner membership £45.

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