Our EFT Training Courses

The EFT Guild training courses have been designed and developed by Gwyneth Moss, one of the original EFT Masters.  Gwyneth has been teaching people how to tap since the early days of EFT and receives international praise for her clarity and excellence as a teacher. 

Our training is intended for those who want to learn the practical skill of how to use EFT to help others, whether in counselling, complementary therapies, business coaching, sports performance or schools.  If you want to learn for self-help you are welcome too.

We teach two separate two day courses which cover the core principles and techniques.  Teaching is through live demonstrations and exercises which are carefully designed to build your skill and confidence.  Currently the EFT Guild courses are taught by Gwyneth Moss.  As the community grows, more trainers will learn how to deliver this course and we will have more dates and venues.  

Evaluation and Assessment

EFT is a practical skill and as well as good training you need lots of practice to become confident of your skill such that you can offer a service to the public.  To reach practitioner standard you will need to do EFT Guild Training Part One and Part Two and then gain experience by tapping for yourself and others.  Read our Evaluation Page to find out about how the Guild assesses skill and capability. 
EFT Training Part One

Our Part One weekend (or midweek) workshop teaches you EFT techniques to get started in tapping with others.

  • What is happening when we tap? Principles of meridian energy and some history.
  • Exercises to experience EFT, learn the tapping points and get started tapping with others;
  • How to use EFT for daily annoyances, worries and triggers;
  • A simple model for how the past effects us and how to clear the effect of difficult memories with EFT;
  • The skill of asking good questions;
  • EFT approaches for aches and pains;
  • EFT approaches for compulsions and cravings;

After the Practitioner Part One workshop you can introduce others to EFT however you must be clear that you are a beginner and have not yet completed the training.  Let them decide on that basis whether they wish to proceed or not.

EFT Training Part Two

The second two day course brings together the techniques and principles taught in the first course to give you a road map through an EFT session.

  • Bringing it all together, the track through an EFT session;
  • How to approach a potentially intense issue or get started with a vague problem when the person doesn't know what its about;
  • More techniques for clearing the emotions and effects of past events;
  • Core issues, how 'false truths' formed in childhood persist and underlie current limitations. How to clear them with EFT;
  • The skilful use of affirmation and intention;
  • Using EFT with groups.

After the EFT Part Two workshop you will be invited to join the Guild to participate in support groups and an optional practice daisy chain.  These give you encouragement and support in working towards the evaluation for the Bronze Practitioner membership level.

EFT Training Part Three

The Part One and Part Two trainings teach you the techniques that comprise the EFT process.  They contain everything you need to start getting the experience which builds skill and confidence.  You need to have thoroughly processed and practiced the techniques and process taught in the first two courses before coming back for Part Three.

Part Three includes:

  • a review of the EFT techniques and processes
  • information gathering tools for targeting EFT 
  • language skills and reframing without leading
  • advanced imagery techniques, EFT Imagineering and Protective Distancing
  • the three phase surrogate tapping process
  • The client context and fitting your work to their needs
Comparison with Other Trainings

The AAMET training, taught by a wide range of trainers in the UK and elsewhere, consists of a one day Level One and a two day Level Two.  Many AAMET trainers teach both courses together over three days.  In our experience this does not work.  One day is not enough to get you going with confidence and three days is too much to absorb.  

The EFT Guild Training Part One covers all of the AAMET Level One and much of Level Two such that you come away with enough learning and tapping experience to get started with confidence. 

The EFT Guild Training Part Two covers the remainder of AAMET Level Two in greater depth and much of the material other trainers teach at Level Three.

The Practice Time between our two courses allows you to consolidate and integrate your learning and to return with questions and experiences on which to build. Combined courses may seem like a saving on time and travel but that can be a false economy.  Many who have trained with other trainers end up with an expensive certificate but little skill and confidence.  Some come to repeat our trainings and say they get much more.

The EFT Guild Training Part Three helps you fit the EFT process to the client context; teaches advanced language and imagery skills and gives time for discussion.

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