Online EFT Practitioner Training

Thorough, Quality, Inspirational EFT training

EFT Training Online

If you want to learn the practical skill of helping others with EFT, whether in counselling, complementary therapies, business coaching, sports performance or schools then this training is designed for you. You are also welcome to learn for self-help and to see where EFT leads you.

Online EFT Practitioner training is in six live modules:

  • interactive teaching sessions
  • live demonstrations to watch and learn
  • discussion to get your questions answered
  • supervised practical exercises to build skill
  • feedback on your work
  • study materials to consolidate learning

Certification Coaching

On completion of the training you need lots of practice to become confident of your skill such that you can offer a service to the public.  Certification Coaching is six small group sessions with an experienced trainer to guide you through certification. You will be able to discuss your work, review learning concepts and learn more.

To reach EFTi certified practitioner standard, after you complete the training programme, you will need to:

  • complete a minimum of 50 sessions tapping for others
  • write up four case studies
  • take the EFTi online multiple choice exam 
  • complete six coaching sessions
  • do an EFT demonstration within one coaching session

The EFT Guild Training and Certification Process

What Do I Need to Do?

  1. Join the EFT Guild to access study resources, training videos, TTT webinars and support
  2. Complete the Six Module EFT Online Training 
  3. Join an EFT Guild Practice Group Daisy Chain
  4. Join a Certification Coaching group and complete 50 practice sessions and write up your case studies 
  5. Join EFTi and take the EFTi online exam
  6. EFTi requires an in person element of the training

If you do not need certification then steps 1 to 3 only. And if you decide to go further you can.

What Will it Cost?

Quality, thorough, supportive training and coaching will build your skill and confidence. 

EFT Guild membership is £50 for the year. 

Each EFT trainer will have their own fees for the training and certification coaching packages, see listings.  You may require additional coaching if one package of six sessions is not sufficient for you to complete.

EFTi fees: Student membership £25 exam fee £15 and Practitioner membership £45.

EFT Online Training - Six Weekly Modules

Module One

Tapping for first aid with the no-words TTT model. Understanding what is happening when we tap. The history of tapping and meridian energy theory of EFT.

Module Two

Using words to direct the effect of tapping. Where the words come from. Understanding aspects and the importance of detail. 

Module Three

Releasing the pain of a difficult memory. The versions of the Movie Technique and Tell the Story. Basics of trauma theory and how memory imprints.

Module Four

Putting it all together with Three Levels of Questions. Applying that to physical pain and compulsive behaviour.  EFT for food cravings.

Module Five

The Gentle Techniques for intense experience or vague feelings. The EFT roadmap and thorough testing techniques.

Module Six

Clearing the effects of limiting beliefs (False-Truths) with EFT and finding underlying events. Creating a compelling future.

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