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Evaluation and Recognition

Its not what you've done but what you can do

EFT Guild Membership Levels

Our members are ordinary people who have learned how to use an extraordinary tool to help others like themselves.  Though some may also be doctors, psychologists, counsellors or acupuncturists, some of our most capable practitioners had no previous therapy training before they came to EFT. We intend our EFT Guild Directory to be a clear and trusted source of skilled EFT helpers.

Practitioner Evaluation

EFT is Gary Craig's gift to the world. EFT is Everyone's Freedom Technique and as such needs to be freely available without restrictions.  However, practitioners who offer a service to the public need to be both skilful and ethical. 

Generally people find EFT training enlightening and enjoyable.  We also want the EFT Guild evaluation of skill to be useful, helpful and valuable.  The process through which members skills are evaluated and recognised needs to be one which enriches the community.   

Reading case studies, assessing practical sessions and undertaking practice review all takes time. The evaluator who assesses your work will tell you their charges for doing so and you pay them directly.  Should your work not be accepted and you are recommended to do further coaching and training this is an additional charge as is re-submission of your work. Deborah Sampson leads the EFT Guild evaluation programme.

EFT Guild Training

The EFT Guild training consists of two separate two day courses, Part One and Two.  The structure of lessons, live demonstrations and exercises are designed to build skill.  We teach the practical application of the techniques in the context of the overall process.   Read more on our Training Page. We have found this philosophy and structure to be more effective in building true skill and confidence than the one day and combined courses accepted by other associations.

Community Members

Everyone joins the EFT Guild as a Community Member and benefits from full access to our website, library, members events, daisy chains and discounted insurance.  If you are not offering a paid service to the public then Community Membership may be all you need from the Guild

Progression to Practitioner level, through evaluation of your EFT skills, is completely optional.  

Practitioner Requirements 

Full requirements in here Evaluation Feb16.pdf 

Suggested session notes format (you don't have to use this if you have a preferred format) EFT Guild session notes.docx  or EFT Guild session notes.pdf

To apply for the practitioner skill evaluation you need to feel confident that you are ready to offer a service to the public.  Confidence comes from lots of practice tapping for yourself and for others.

The process is that you contact the Guild to request an evaluator who will contact you to explain the process and fee.  In outline you:

  • submit very brief summary notes of issue, process and outcome for 50 sessions of EFT with others.  Completing the session notes gets you into the habit of learning from each tapping session
  • submit three written case studies, at least one of which is more than one session, that demonstrate that you understand and can apply the techniques and process taught in EFT Guild Training in accordance with the principles of Skilful EFT;

  • submit written answers to questions, see Evaluation document here Evaluation Feb16.pdf 
  • tell us what arrangements you have in place for confidential discussion of client work through supervision or the EFT Guild support groups

If you are dyslexic or there is any reason that you cannot submit written responses please discuss this with your evaluator who may suggest an interview process instead.

Accredited AAMET Practitioners

If you are already an experienced practitioner when you join the Guild and are accredited by another association (AAMET) we can list you as a Practitioner.  Please send a link to your AAMET listing.

If you are not accredited then you need to show us that you are using EFT in accordance with our Skilful EFT statement. We can review of case studies and session notes previously submitted.

Why do we ask you to do this?  In the early years of EFT training there was no assessment. Practitioner certificates were handed out to everyone who showed up to training courses. Gary Craig's certifications were awarded after multiple choice tests online with no observation or assessment of practical skill.

Some trainers are not teaching to the same level as the EFT Guild training.  In particular the importance of the Gentle Techniques and clearing False Truths (Writings on the Wall) may not have been covered.  

Gary Craig EFT Founder

Our process of evaluation of EFT skill is not recognised or approved by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig. The EFT Guild has no connection with Gary or Tina Craig other than deep gratitude and respect.  We encourage members to study the excellent tutorial at 






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